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The rice grains are uniformly white. When cooked, it emits a natural fragrance. The cooked rice has soft, tender grains, moderately chewy, and has a lingering sweet aftertaste when chewed thoroughly.

composed of 100% white rice certified under the following conditions:

- The factory meets BRC standards.

- Food safety is certified by the Plant Cultivation, Plant Protection, and Agricultural Product Quality Management Department.

- Regulations on maximum limits for biological and chemical contamination in food.

- National technical standards for the limit of mycotoxin contamination in food.

- National technical standards for the limit of heavy metal contamination in food.

Nutritional content per 100g of white rice:

✅ Energy: 280 - 418 (kcal)

✅ Carbohydrates: 63 - 95%

✅ Protein: 6 - 9%

✅ Lipids (Fat): 0.2 - 0.5%


Detailed information about Lài Sữa Rice - 5kg Bag from Đồng Việt:

✅ Characteristics: Elongated grains with a subtle fragrance.

✅ When Cooked: Lài Sữa Rice produces soft, naturally fragrant rice.

✅ When Cooled: The rice retains its deliciousness and tenderness, avoiding the dry and tough texture found in other ordinary rice types, and it does not become stale.

✅ Fluffiness: Moderate.

Net weight: 5kg

Packaging material: PA/PE Bag

Manufacturer/Expiry Date (12 months from manufacturing): Refer to packaging

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, and seal the packaging tightly after use.


✍️ Cooking Instructions:

➡️ Rinse the rice once.

➡️ Add water at a ratio of 1 (rice) : 1-1.2 (water).

➡️ Wipe the pot dry, plug it in, and turn on the cooking button.

➡️ Wait until the rice is cooked, then open the pot and fluff the rice evenly before enjoying. Note that the rice will taste better when eaten hot.

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